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Her Fox

December 2016

Her Fox Collection was Created in

Louisville, Kentucky.  This collection is

hand-painted on wood canvas

built in my parent's garage in

Radcliff, Ky.  

Her Fox Collection was created as I

began to teach myself to paint the

change I would like to see

in the world.

It's Happening : .


March 2018

The Anxiety Collection was Created

in Clearwater, Florida

for the 2018 Keepers of the Dream

Celebration Hosted by

ArtsReach and Kentucky Center

in Louisville, Ky.  

The Anxiety Collection was created

as I began to teach myself the Art

of being still, while maintaining a

mantra of peace regardless of the

chaos stirring inside of me.

Autopilot Collection

Dec 2018

The Autopilot Collection was Created

in Dunedin, Florida.  

The Autopilot Collection was created

as I began to teach myself the Art of

Professionalism regardless of the lazy

and often overly dramatic Artist

stirring inside me.



of a Journey to


Now Available and More to Come!

Tartu Cover.jpg

I felt my transition coming

on strong... A wild tornado of

much deserved Karma,

twisting and turning, headed

straight for my straw house.

When I awoke,

I was beside myself. 

I can only draw for you what my

eyes saw, I'll try to explain it...

in short, my Luck Dragon carried

me to the Pearly Gates of TarTu,

where with Tucca, I Feel Safe : .



 Long Live Our Dreams

It is my mission that these current works bring peace to a busy day and inspiration for a successful tomorrow.

I have taken my favorite things and added a unique imprint.  If you are visiting this site, my work resonates with you.  For that, I am grateful to connect with a kindred spirit.  

Happy Creating : .


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