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What started as a tool to bond with my Godson, has blossomed into a tool to bond with self.  Stitching Sock Monkeys has helped to soothe my anxiety while connecting with the world in a way that makes me feel safe. I have to thank you all for the longevity of my Sock Monkey making, it is because of your support that I continue to create.

Forever 40 is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has purchased a sock monkey. Please accept this coupon as a symbol of my appreciation. 

Every year I will give (1) one Forever 40 coupon per household to qualified buyers. To qualify for a Forever 40 coupon, just purchase a sock monkey at full price.  You will receive an email with a
Forever 40 coupon to be applied to your next purchase. Due to
limited supplies of these handmade pals, one coupon per year will be given per household.

All Purchases from 2020 to present day are qualified for a Forever 40 Coupon.

The cool thing about this story is the price. 
Sock Monkeys Pals were originally sold for $40. 
Since October 2020 the price of these Sock Monkey Pals has rose from $40 to their current price, $78.90 after tax. I am most excited to share publicly the increase in quality, consistency, and price of my work.

The price increase represents the growth of my business knowledge while adding a unique investment opportunity that is fun to follow.

Each Sock Monkey Pal is packaged and shipped with a letter of Authenticity to document the raise in value, depicting a finance story that we can all share.  Once our Sock Monkey Pals really take off, it is my dream that we can all sit around and talk about our
Sock Monkey Adventures... and less about finance
.  Until then, I will make talking about money as interesting as possible.

Price Increase Below

October             2020           $ 40
Initial price

September  28, 2021           $ 50
    Shipping cost increase

October       20, 2021           $ 63
    Custom Shipping Boxes 

February      24, 2023          $ 65 
 Large Embroidered Heart 

TBA                                       $ 125
      Minimum Wage Base Pay 
      The Birth of a Mime


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