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Her Fox Collection

December 2016

Her Fox Collection was Created in Louisville, Kentucky. 

This collection was hand-painted on wood canvas built in my parent's garage in Radcliff, Ky.  

Her Fox Collection was created as I began to teach myself to paint the change I would like to see in the world.

It's Happening : .

Her Fox 1 (On Wood)

12'' x 24''

Her Fox 2 (On Wood)

12'' x 24''

Her Fox 3 (On Wood)

12'' x 24''

Her Fox 4 (On Wood)

12'' x 24''


March 2018

The Anxiety Collection was Created in Clearwater, Florida for the 2018 Keepers of the Dream Celebration Hosted by ArtsReach and Kentucky Center in Louisville, Ky.  

The Anxiety Collection was created as I began to teach myself the Art  of being still,

while maintaining a mantra of PEACE regardless of the CHOAS stirring inside of me. 

"My Bleeding Heart is a Self Portrait that has my 6 year old Locs stitched into the canvas. 

To my utter surprise, I watched my Locs beg to be cut free from my head. 

Begrudgingly, I listened. I noticed many more Women cutting free. 

Not long after, the Virus was made public. 

This Collection also highlights the beginning my life's work "Conjuring and Conquering Anxiety"

Anxiety Clouds (Canvas)

2' x 4'

My Bleeding Heart (Canvas)

2' x 4'

Interpreting Anxiety (Canvas)

2' x 4'

Autopilot Collection

Dec 2018

The Autopilot Collection was Created in Dunedin, Florida. 

The Autopilot Collection was created as I began to teach myself the Art of Professionalism

regardless of the lazy and often overly dramatic Artist stirring inside me.

Awareness of the Unknown

9" x14" 

Blue Sahara

15" x 12 1/2"

Him Virgo

14" x 9" 

What Is This, and What Do You Expect Me To Do With It?

14" x 9" 

Paradigm Shifting

20 1/2" x 16 1/2"

Learn How to Change Your FREAKWENCY

20 1/2" x 16 1/2"


14" x 9" 

Currently on Display at

Venus St. Pete

"Abstract Emotion Show"

Deep Blue Sleep

10 3/4" x 20 1/2"

Along the Way...

A little some of this, and a little some of that... Artwork I've made along the way, dating back to 2015 works in Downtown Louisville, Ky

Starks Building 

Our Journey (On Wood)

(L)12" x 35" (R) 47 1/2" x 10 1/4"

Deep Blue Sleep (On Wood)

      47 1/2" x 10 1/4"

And I Float (Canvas)

2' x 4' 

Weight of Consciousness (On Wood)

2' x4' 

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