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Coloring Pages

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ALL IMAGES 8.5" X 11"

*ART TIP* Printing on Cardstock Paper is a great way to access a variety of mediums such as

paint, color pencils, even alcohol ink markers!


"Our Lady of Peace"


This image was created after receiving intensive mental health care which I often refer to as

"Porch Therapy".

Therapy took place in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky with Mother Nature Herself.  There I learned my affirmations, tips on controlling unwanted repetitive thoughts, and much more.  When I relocated to Dunedin, Florida, I honed in on my desire for illustration and seemingly infinite line work.  I made these images for myself to color in, as I attempted to conjure and control my anxiety, but my friends

demanded I share. 

Rightfully so, I present to you

"Our Lady of Peace" 


May you enjoy your coloring adventure

while calming your most beautiful Artistic Soul. 

Happy Creating Folks : .

"Our Lady of Peace"

Self Portait.png

"I Am My Father's Child"

Self Portrait


This image was created in support of my most recently augmented painting "I Am My Father's Child"

I've heard quite often of my line work, "I would love to color inside those lines!"  To myself I'm thinking who is crazy enough to WANT to color all that in!  Then again, I was crazy enough to draw all those lines,

so your crazies must most certainly exist as well...

"I Am My Father's Child" coloring page derives from a painting created for the Annual Kentucky Center for the Arts, with ArtsReach, Presentation 

"Keepers of the Dream"

as we pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #HONORED

For this event I decided to focus on Fathers, as my Father continues to play such a wholesome role in my life.  Relationships are strange,

ALL OF THEM.  I Am My Father's Child reflects my interpretation of the ups and downs that are

SURE to exist in every relationship,

not limited to parental. 

This image covers the scope of complex  community relationships all the way to the simplicity of passing a stranger on the street, ANXIETY. As an Empath, my heart connects to ALL. We take it ALL in, the good and the bad. We pray Peace, that our Bleeding Hearts

may share rest with the weary.

May you enjoy your coloring adventure while calming

your most beautiful Artistic Soul. 

Happy Creating Folks : .

"I Am My Father's Child"


"O'hares in Jinn's Magic Garden"

You are the Rabbit's Hoppiness

It is a great burden to be a bearer of great joy in this world as there is much sorrow to mend. For those who seek peace most certainly find souls well rested in Jinn's Magic Garden where nature gently beckons nurture, creativity flows deep within its creators, and friends all pitch in to share out.

When friends bond by gardening humor...

Stix:  "Jinn, why do you have all of this cardboard stapled to the ground?"

Jinn:  "Well Stix, can't you see... I'm growing a box garden!"

I've always been naive and by this age, I've come to the conclusion that my trusting nature is a well adorned curse to My Artistic Soul. The gift to sustain a child like mind ensures my illustrations may always breathe for its audience.


After too long of a pause, I got the joke.  That pause was long enough for a clear vision to come through... yeah, let's birth that vision, it was a solid joke friend.

I am most certainly Alice In Wonderland taking a long pause in Historic Clarksville, Indiana after an enlightening journey to Tartu.


May you enjoy your coloring adventure

while calming your most beautiful Artistic Soul. 

Happy Creating Folks : .

"O'hares in Jinn's Magic Garden"

Where Dreams are Named

"Where Dreams are Named"


I remember first drawing this illustration not long after arriving in Clearwater, Florida. 


Now, before I actually left Kentucky, I found my spirit being drawn to mental images of young black girls in environments I've never experienced before.  I was quite disturbed by how simple the images were, yet how unobtainable access to this imagery was in my reality.  There was/is such a massive disconnect from nature..