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Illustrations from my COVID Journey. Excerpts below illustrations from: Pascals Recovery of Man’s Wholeness : .


Time Travel is peaking friends.  With access to technology far beyond the evolution of our own minds, we have a most fertile opportunity of connectivity.  I thought for a moment... what if time travel existed within us.  Visiting Grandma is an opportunity to step back into time.  Visiting my young nephew is an opportunity to spend time with the future.  Social Media is much like the scene from avatar where we plug in for the details of our ancestors and souls that have passed before their time.


I've been playing with the idea of time travel and memory, paradigm shifting and disorientation.  Our memories ground us, but our brain kicks information all of the time.  Do we ever go back to reexamine the kicks?  Have you ever kept a journal only to be afraid to GO BACK and read what you wrote?  I feel fear when I think about revisiting old words I've written.  Fear that I've forgotten something important, fear that what I have written is more REAL as I am more aware, but what is fear.  I've pinpointed the deep root of one particular fear...


"Awareness of the Unknown" 

This title is from an illustration created June 2019.  Fast-forward to September 2020,

I now innerstand this illustration.

From Left to right.  The subject presents as a newborn child a sponge of his environment.  Second, a curious and confused adolescent.  Third, an individual who has sculpted ideals of survival that intrude upon his morals as little as possible.  Lastly, the subject has been stripped of EVERYTHING and has submitted to what Karma has presented as a gift for his participation.  We pray you are a subject of GOOD KARMA... One can only hope.

To the left of this commentary (or below if you are reading from a mobile device)  you will find digitally augmented illustrations from a journal I have been keeping since March 3, 2020.  The news of the Pandemic went public not long after I started journaling and the illustrations gifted to me are beyond my understanding, today.  While living in Dunedin, Florida, I was called to a particular book, Pascal's Recovery of Man's Wholeness by Albert N. Wells.  This was one of those books where I opened it and all the words felt good to my Artistic Soul.  I didn't want to do a super traditional journaling of my emotions so I used this book as a guide into spirit, to dig a little deeper into my feelings, deeper than mainstream curriculum.

I feel very strongly that the 2020 Stix illustrations next to excerpts from Albert N. Wells' Recovery of Man's Wholeness 1965 is some serious time traveling. We can travel even further back to the 17th century with Wells where he is pulling from Blaise Pascal Pensées 1670.

Time is beautiful, and painful, and beautiful all over again.  What are you doing with your time? 

Happy Creating Folks : .


I felt my transition coming on strong... A wild tornado of much deserved Karma,

twisting and turning, headed straight for my straw house.

When I awoke, I was beside myself. 

I can only draw for you what my eyes saw, I'll try to explain it...

in short, my Luck Dragon carried me to the Pearly Gates of TarTu, where with Tucca, I Feel Safe : .

: .


Great Knight (Bristol)

14" x 17"


Right before the pandemic hit, I had my own troubles brewing at home. Blessed, The Universe saw fit to pair me with a most caring Soul who dared me to dream when I felt no particular need to carry on.


My Great Knight encouraged me to apply for an opportunity in TarTu.  I delved into the story of TarTu's young independence and immersed myself in all the Art their humble Spirits provided. The city felt so much like home to me.  They seem to innerstand anxiety as I have come to know it personally.  Our common ground are our murals that demand PEACE : .  In preparation, I began to project myself in the town, grocery shopping and tending to my Art studies. 

Although I was not selected for this grand opportunity, I managed to fall in love with their story and most of all, their Artistic Soul : . Soon after the news of not receiving the grant came, so did the news that my relationship failed miserably.


With nothing to lose, I set out on my  "I Feel Safe Tour".  Mostly I hid from the fact that my relationship of five years was broken, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I am ALL I believe myself to be.  With the weight of everything I could bear on my shoulders, I received word that a Virus was following quickly behind me. 

I watched the Virus bring the whole World to its knees. These are the works I created while practicing

Social Distancing.  Each piece directly connects to individuals who shared shelter with me during the storm.

Great Knight Says,

  "TarTu is a State of Mind."


I am Honored : .

  I hope you enjoy : .


Love's Temple (Bristol)

14" x 17"



She Brought So Many

With Her (Bristol)

*discounted due to damage

17" x 14"



Khi and Peanut (Bristol)

17" x 14"



Thinkin' Bout It (Bristol)

17" x 14"


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