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Seed Packets

$2.00 ea Download PDF

ALL IMAGES 8.5" X 11"

Look yal!  I found another outlet for my illustrations.  This is my second season learning to plant.  Being closer to nature and communing with the animals has brought me a type of inner peace that I have longed for.  While researching how to harvest daffodils, I stumbled across this video that showed how to make homemade seed packets without scissors, glue, or tape. I was so excited, I ended up designing my own packets to share seeds with my dear friend who thus far has shared two seasons of seeds with me. I am grateful.  I hope making these artful seed packets for yourself makes planting a little more artistic. Once downloaded, print as many as you like, share with friends! The video below shows ya how to fold em'

Happy Planting Folks : .

Seed Packet2.tif

Praying for Rain

Seed Packet3.tif


Seed Packet1.tif

Universal Law

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