"My Bleeding Heart"

Self Portrait


This image was created in support of my most recently augmented painting "My Bleeding Heart"

I've heard quite often of my linework, "I would love to color inside those lines!"  To myself I'm thinking who is crazy enough to WANT to color all that in!  Then again I was crazy enough to draw all those lines,

so you crazies most certainly must exist as well...

"My Bleeding Heart" image was created for the Annual Kentucky Center for the Arts, with ArtsReach, Presentation of "Keepers of the Dream" as we pay tribute to

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #HONORED

For this event I decided to focus on Fathers, as my father continues to play such a wholesome role in my life.  Relationships are strange, ALL OF THEM.  My bleeding heart reflects my interpretation of the ups and downs that are sure to exist in every relationship, not limited to parental.  This images covers the scope of complex  community relationships all the way to the simplicity of passing a stranger on the street.  As an Empath, my heart connects to ALL. We take it ALL in, and we pray Peace that our Bleeding Hearts

may share rest with the weary.

May you enjoy your coloring adventure

while calming your most beautiful Artistic Soul. 

Happy Creating Folks : .

My Bleeding Heart


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