I would like to thank all of my collectors and potential buyers for helping me reach this level of professionalism in my business.  The prices of my work will continue to raise as my quality and experience continues to evolve.  The buy in gives you an opportunity to lock in the low prices before they shoot up.  

You do not have to purchase anything now!  Your $75 deposit will remain as a balance for you to use on any purchase within this remaining year 2019 until January 2021.

Scroll through, weigh the necessity of your investment and contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for following my work. Happy Creating : .


LOCK $200 / RAISE $300

Starting a business soon?  Rolling out a new product?  You will need a logo design .  Lock in this low price now and use your deposit to purchase your Vector Logo when you are ready. Vector Logos are a high resolution image that can be resized, large or small, without distorting your image. GREAT VALUE!


Capture your business in action!  With free social media marketing platforms at our fingertips, there is no reason why your business photos should be anything less than top notch.

Lock your price for a photoshoot today.


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Black and White Portraits are timeless.  Capture an important memory for a family member, a friend, for yourself. Do not miss an opportunity to seize this price.  Its okay if you don't know what you want created just yet, LOCK IN this price for later.  

These social media flyers draw an organic market to your door.  If you are looking to promote an idea or product, maybe you just want to share a personal opinion... 

I am more than happy to create that flyer for you!

LOCK IN this price today, order your flyer when you are ready.


LOCK $10 / RAISE $15




Check out my Fine Art Gallery.  This collection dates back as far as 7 years ago, when I truly began to understand the work flowing through my creative spirit.  If you have been watching my progress, you know, this is the best time to own an original work of art by STIX. 

These prices will only rise. LOCK IN YOUR PRICE TODAY!


LOCK $150 / RAISE $300

Commission works are a great opportunity to use my artistic hand to express that image floating in your mind.  This piece to the left is a commission from a wife to her husband.  She is his blue bird and he is her love bug. 

The price of my commission works will never be this low again. 


You don't have to know what you want today you have more than

12 months to figure that out.

If you scrolled through and checked out everything, thank you... You are closer to understanding my work.  The price lock is an opportunity for my supporters to get in while the prices are low.  It is my way of saying thank you for your continued support.  I look forward to working with you! 

Happy Creating : .