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A Hunger Artist

I was introduced to Kafka's work while installing my most beloved Anxiety Mural at

Ramsi's Cafe on the World in Louisville, Kentucky.  While serving as an Artist, enjoying masterful presentations of food and drink during a global pandemic, I found myself quite attracted to a young Virgo human named Jay. 

To this day his mental process intrigues me. 

He told me I should start looking into the works of Kafka,

which I did and  fell in love with instantaneously. 


Food has always been important to me.  I've never been without a meal, thank the heavens and stars above, yet I am all too often NOT inspired by what is being served.  I try my best to practice gratitude when it comes to food, but if it's not Ramsi's Cafe quality I tend to nibble.  I have yet to this day found even ONE servant of food distribution in the state of, Florida that holds the same vigor and delight for food and its thoughtful presentation of generous portions.  


Oh I take that back. I did on two occasions work for Smokin' Bowls. 

Smokin' Bowls is a food truck based in Sarasota, Florida. 

Now they are Ramsi's Cafe Quality, hands down!  I very much enjoyed my short days of food service with Smokin' Bowls.  The bounty the owner and his wife generously paid me for my time and the vegan food meticulously served made me feel like I was right back in the Highlands of

Louisville, Kentucky.  My carnivorous mind could not deny, these dishes were made with LOVE.  If that wasn't good enough, Smokin' Bowls did in fact offer service to their meat eater friends as well, all the while gently supporting the Earthly and personal benefits of a meatless diet. 


Unfortunately, the owner just didn't have regular work for me.  Most of his work was in Sarasota, I lived in Dunedin, alas I continued on my  food journey.  I enjoyed my two days of food service on the truck, the generous bounty I was paid  for my time and the vegan food my carnivorous mind could not deny was made with LOVE.

Much to my own surprise, I've been on a hunger strike for years!  Concerned onlookers politely expressed their concern for my flesh and mostly bones, but I'm an adult, whatcha gonna do about it? 

As I spend more time with my Art, I learn more about myself...  Spending time with the work of other Artists helps me to learn more about myself.  What does this work by Kafka,

"A Hunger Artist" teach you about yourself?

Another work I enjoy by Kafka

If you are short on time...

Happy Creating Folks : .  Thank You Jay : .

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