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Anxiety Mural by STIX : .

Currently on Display in the main Dining Room at Ramsis Cafe on the World in the Highlands. 1293 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, Ky 40204

Years ago I worked as a busser at Ramsi's Cafe on the World. I learned every FOH position and easily fell in love with the family run business and diversity of people who all seemed to agree that Ramsi's Cafe on the World has the best food in town.  It isn't enough to just have good food though, we were trained on quality service and encouraged to be comfortable.  Imagine that, comfort for the staff and quality for the customer, beautiful. I quickly became intrigued by Rasmi's hard working disposition, ripping out ceilings for improvements one day, all the while collecting Art and tending to his beloved customers.  It was easy for me to wake up and go to work every day, all though the soles of my feet may not agree.  More than anything (except for the food) I appreciate how much Rasmi LOVES ART.  I am learning this type of love for Art is rare, in my 36 years of experience anyway.  I think my perspective may change as I grow older with my work, but to be a young artist and see someone care so much for Art in its totality, gave me promise that I could be a full time artist someday.  As word of the pandemic began to spread, my personal life seemed to crumble with it.  I found peace in taking to the road and reconnecting with family and friends rediscovering what makes me feel safe.  When my travels reached a resting place in Clarksville, Indiana I found that I just couldn't sit still.  Health Officials began spewing safety requirements and my rebel spirit bucked, I needed to do SOMETHING... My mind raced thinking, where is there a wall I can paint?  Yeah a global pandemic, people are gathering resources and my Artistic Soul is shopping for black paint and willing customer.  

Rasmi was familiar with my work as he has commissioned me before, but this mural was a big deal compared to what we usually get into.  Below you will find videos documenting my process of conjuring and controlling anxiety as the world around me works to gain a sense of security.  As I worked on this mural, meditated on the lines, I watched as the restaurant I had known for so many years as home begin to transform around me.  Rasmi and I were evolving together.  Rasmi waisted no time putting his engineering skills to use as he transformed a well loved and worn down dining room into a clean, open, airy environment for his customers, and I was very close, painting for sanity.  This is a beautiful memory that guarantees my seat as a most willing customer, ready for another most delicious meal to be enjoyed in a most loving environment. #HONORED. If you ever visit the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky - make sure you indulge in a most beautiful piece of Juruselem, Ramsi's Cafe on the World.

"Eunoia" - A pure and well balanced mind.  A good spirit

This word was a blessing to me as I never thought to investigate the opposite of my most oppressing emotion. 

Thank you Charisma Wonder/ Electric for sharing : .

Exclusive Interview with Rasmi Kamar


Anxiety Mural Documentary Videos

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10.43.24

Anxiety Mural Interview by:

  Rhona Bowles Kamar

Anxiety Mural Photo Album

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